Main Features

Dedicated Maker of Cobalt Scissors for 50 Years


Cobalt scissors do not rust. They do not suffer the rust-induced loss of cutting ability that affects stainless steel scissors.

Corrosion resistance

Cobalt scissors do not lose their cutting edge as a result of exposure to hairstyling chemicals.

Abrasion resistance

Cobalt scissors are economical. Cobalt is used through the entire closing surface, keeping the blade sharper for longer.

Strength and toughness

Abrasion resistant cobalt is manufactured without heat treatment (quenching). This is what ensures its uniform high level of quality, and its ability to maintain a like-new cutting edge, even after repeated sharpening.

Special hexagonal nut

Special hexagonal nuts eliminate screw problems, making it possible to freely adjust scissors without fear of undesired loosening or tightening during use.

Start-to-finish total alignment and precision blade attachment by hand.

The simple and highly extendible design and finish of Kiku scissors, which eschew ostentation, are a promise of comfortable, nimble cutting for all hair stylists.

Maintenance Services

 Our ‘’Scissor Clinique’’ does not merely perform sharpening  – our clinic fee also includes any necessary replacement of parts with new parts. No one else can sharpen or repair Kiku scissors.
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