KiKu Okawa Quality

Are your scissors...dry cut scissors?

We often hear people say their scissors don’t cut well or lose their cutting edge. The blades and overall construction of dry cut scissors (not ‘bamboo leaf’ bladed scissors) differ from those used in conventional wet cut scissors. Kiku Scissors are now all designed to work with dry cutting techniques (while easily handling wet cutting). They offer a whole new level of scissor sharpness and durability.

What is "dry cutting"?

Dry cutting is cutting hair while it is still dry, starting with base cutting and ending with finishing (adjusting hair texture). Dry cutting techniques differ from the stroke and slide cutting performed with bamboo leaf bladed scissors.

Main Features

Blade edge force
Blade edge force – Zoning and sectioning, etc. Force is focused in the blade edge, making it easy to perform chop and stroke cuts using the blade edge. This is what provides the longevity of the cutting edge.

Method of sharpening 
We are particular about sharpening each blade by hand with a grinding stone, not a grinding machine.

Screws can always be replaced with new screws as necessary during our maintenance.

Handle style
Our scissors feature a new handle style that offers the comfort and ease of use of offset scissors with an even handle form factor.

Metal hit point
We pay special attention to our scissors’ metal hit points. They are well liked for their pleasing sound.

Finger rest
The finger rests on our scissors don’t get in the way, just slightly catching the finger for easy scissor control.

Blade material
Our blades are made from hard cobalt, a precious metal, which enables them to cut both dry and wet hair, provides exceptional durability and resistant to damage, and allows them to maintain their original sharpness with our company’s maintenance service. Their elegant oxidized silver finish turns them into works of art.

We dedicate our closest attention to the overall balance of our scissors. Using 40 years of data, we have developed scissors that are stable and precise when cutting. They make cutting accurate, easy, and comfortable.

A tradition of professional scissors

Many stylists today learn the basics of style cutting using the Vidal Sassoon pattern cut style.The unswerving manufacturing philosophy behind Kiku Scissors is to create “Sassoon Cut Scissors”.Over the past 40 years, styles have changed, but what has kept stylists using Kiku Scissors for their ease of use and cutting ability is the fact that they are “Sassoon Cut Scissors”.

Use Kiku Cobalt for trimming.

Kiku Cobalt Scissors are perfect for trimming, because trimming scissors require many cuts to create hairstyles. Kiku Cobalt doesn’t wear away (it is highly resistant to abrasion). Kiku Cobalt Scissors stand up to much harder work than other scissors, keeping their sharpness many times longer. Trimming scissors are handled with the fingertips, making it essential for them to cut with minimal effort. Kiku Cobalt, the perfect choice for trimming scissors.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors require the highest level of craftsmanship. If poorly aligned, they can pull customers’ hair, or cause split ends. They can rapidly lose their cutting edges. They can clatter and rattle. Have you ever found yourself sending thinning scissors in for maintenance over and over again, only to find their cutting edge growing progressively duller? Have you resigned yourself to the situation?
One of the things people love about Kiku Scissors is the surprisingly high quality of our thinning scissors. Many customers enjoy using our Kiku Cobalt thinning scissors. Tools don’t need to be unusual, they need to stand the test of time…that is the mark of a true quality tool.

Handle Style Basics and Selection

The important thing about scissor handles isn’t whether they’re interesting or unique. As work tools, it is essential to know why individual form factors have withstood the test of time. We have used over 50 years of past data to categorize and systematize our lineup of Kiku Scissors handle styles, constant favorites of many favorites for their simplicity, and identify the basic approaches used in selecting scissors. Large amount of freedom Long / semi-long Stroke / slide Cut power

Kiku Oil

Scissors wear down when used on dry hair. Kiku oil coats scissors, without running off.
Place one drop below the screw every two weeks, for greatly improved scissor action. . Use our forex vps to run your forex robots -